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Google Places: The New Updates Part 2

The Google places update continues to bring new and exciting changes to the way the search results are displayed.

In the second video in this series John one of the experts from SEO Guru Düsseldorf explains the new Google website thumbnails, how maps can be integrated into the pay per click (PPC) paid results and how the new places results dominate local geo-targeted searches.

John also highlights how places can reduce the number of organic results on page one by forcing a number of websites down onto page 2, and how sponsored ads are now part of maps.

Google Places

Picture No. 1 show how you turn on or off the visual display of website images in the search results.


Website Image

Website Image

Picture No.2 shows how Google Maps are now available within the paid search results.


Map Results in Paid Search

Map Results in Paid Search

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Google Places: The New Update

If you search for a local business today the search results are vastly different to what you would see if you had done a search last week.
The people who stand to benefit most from this update are local business owners as their websites are now afforded priority over larger out of town businesses. These local listings are also given more space on the first page of Google and the map showing their locations floats down the page as you scrawl through the search results.

This is all due to the latest update from Google called “Google Places”

As it is much easier to show you the changes visually than to try to explain them here, I have created the video below.

Learn all about Google Places, Google Maps and Google Tags

 Google Places

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