Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

Social Media

Social Media

Twitter is just one of a number of social networks that’s being used more and more often by businesses. For a growing amount of businesses social networking is taking over from email as a way to reach their contacts and friends. It is the ever increasing popularity of this social experience which is expanding growth within this new media.

New social networking sites are coming onto the market every day, but only a handful have a user base large enough to be effective.

Social networking is all about its users and not about how new a particular site is.

Twitter has become so popular that TV newsreaders and newspaper columnist recommend their twitter account at every opportunity, and every celebrity and politician worth his salt has an account. Although not everyone actually writes or Tweets the information themselves:that activity is often being done by someone else.

More and more businesses are now using Twitter as a means to collect customers increase their brand awareness and announce special offers, And by providing high quality, interesting information they give their company and website more exposure.

How can I use Twitter to send targeted visitors to my web site?

Twitter is an excellent way to drive leads and customers to your website, but first you need understand a few things before you start to implementing this.


When marketing on Twitter the number 1 principle is to give; if someone asks you for something or needs assistance then give it to them. This will show your followers that you truly care and have their best interests at heart. Anytime you can help someone you are creating or strengthening a bond with them.

Remember people do business with people who they like and trust so make people like and trust you. Using Twitter correctly is relationship building at its very best.

Every marketing strategy you utilize on Twitter will rely on how effective your relationship building skills are. It does require practice but in time you can succeed at this, and you will find it easy to send traffic to your website.

Giving to the Twitter community means you will receive from the Twitter community. You can send out tweets about special offers on your website, new information, articles, or any special offers that you have and people will be happy to visit. In business using Twitter works.


Did you know that some businesses automate the process of Tweeting?

Building a profitable Twitter following takes time and dedication. This is why it is criticalto automate the mundane task of updating your tweets. Automating as much as possible is also essential if you want to scale-up your business.

Successful Twitter marketing is not an overnight process and will require a modicum of time and effort but if you are patient in your approach and steadily build a long term relationship many of your followers will turn into customers.

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